Fortress Deck is part of Fortress Building Products, a privately held family of innovative building product solution providers that boasts nearly 50 years of combined experience in building products supply and design. Fortress Building Products comprises Fortress Railing Products, Fortress Fence Products, OZCO Building Products, Fortress Framing and Fortress Deck. Fortress Building Products is based in the Dallas, Texas, area with extensive product distribution throughout North America and planned expansion into many other global markets.


Fortress Deck was founded to serve the rapidly increasing demand for attractive and low-maintenance alternative decking products. The concept of alternative decking products is certainly not new, but the Fortress team recognized that consumer demand and expectations were not being met. A thorough research and due diligence process led to the introduction of Infinity Decking, a product that meets and exceeds those expectations.


Infinity Decking is a bamboo-based, fully capped co-extruded composite. It has exploded in popularity over the past 10 years and become the leading product in Europe. Though it was not available in the US or Canada until Fortress Deck introduced it, it was already widely used in over 50 countries around the world. The product was first developed by Eva-Last of Johannesburg, South Africa, when the harsh environments of Africa proved to be too much for North American-made composite products with a wood fiber core. As is often true in great stories, the inability to find a product that could meet a need drove the innovation and creation of a new product that is known today as Infinity Decking.


A very different approach to the composite decking manufacturing process—and a truly engineered core and cap—create an extremely dense product that is unlike anything previously available. Infinity Decking has now been introduced into North American markets and is quickly becoming the product of choice for architects, deck building professionals and homeowners. Savvy deck designers and builders can choose from our Exotic Hardwood Surface or Distressed Hardwood Surface. Within these product lines, consumers can get the exact appearance they want, whether it’s the high-end look of rare Ipe decking or continuing the look of hand-scraped interior hardwood flooring to the exterior decking.

Infinity Decking also allows owners to enjoy their decks knowing they have been good stewards of Mother Earth and our limited natural resources. Fortress Deck avoids the deforestation of shrinking tropical rainforest, avoids the use of lumber from our US and Canadian forests and steers clear of virgin plastics. Instead, we build high-performance decking with the combination of rapidly renewable bamboo and recycled plastics.


As they admire the beautiful naturally variegated coloring of a finished project and the splinter-free boards under their family’s feet, Fortress Deck homeowners have the comfort of knowing they have the “best of the best” in decking products. Only available from Fortress, innovations such as variegated post sleeves and rails, full stair treads or our patent pending, dual-surfaced deck boards have put Fortress Infinity Decking in a class of its own.

Fortress Deck is also putting our money where our mouth is with exceptional product coverage, providing a 25-year limited warranty and Fortress Deck Preferred Builder labor coverage. At Fortress Deck, we truly back our products and the people who buy them.


Fortress Deck and Fortress Building Products are thankful to be in a unique position in our industry. We are the right size to be a responsible and reliable supplier while still being an innovative and entrepreneurial organization that leads our industries forward. Best of all, we get to make decisions that are best for our people and our customers, not shareholders or the stock market. We value the relationships with the professionals in our industry and the families that ultimately own our products. Should there ever be a question or topic that we can help you with, please call us during business hours to talk to a real person at (844) 909-4999 or email [email protected] and you will receive a prompt reply.