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Our co-extruded composite decking is specifically made to withstand Mother Nature.

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The 25 year limited warranty covers our products and the people who buy them.

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Choose from two distinct surfaces, distressed hardwood and exotic hardwood.

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Eliminate visible screws with our hidden fastener system.


Expertise Based on
Global Experience

The roots of Fortress Infinity Decking start in South Africa and spread their reach around the world. Our 360º capped decking materials have gone toe to toe in every climate imaginable and never been defeated. We take pride in our product, and its performance on a global scale speaks for itself.

  • Athens, Greece
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Hanover, Germany
  • Hartbeespoort, South Africa
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Mombasa, Kenya
  • Skeleton Coast, Namibia
  • Nantes, France
  • Tainan City, Taiwan
  • Dallas, TX
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Seattle, WA

Athens, Greece


Composed in Even
the Harshest Climates

As one of the oldest cities in the world and the capital of Greece, Athens is known for its historic sights and pleasant weather. The mild climates range from warm, dry summers to cool, wet winters. Fortress Infinity Decking’s sustainably produced composites are free of the harmful chemicals used to treat natural woods, so there’s no threat of runoff damaging the coastal environment.

Athens, Greece

Temperature: 4° - 104°  

Rain: 26" annually

Humidity: 80%

Highest Elevation: 636 ft.

Cape Town, South Africa


Composed in Even
the Harshest Climates

Staying dry is essential in South Africa, especially when it rains nearly a third of the year. Known for its sweltering, double-digit UV index and sweeping monsoon seasons, even the volatile Sub-Saharan climate doesn’t stand a chance against the Fortress Infinity Decking co-extruded composite materials.

Cape Town, South Africa

Temperature: 44° - 79°

Rain: 19" annually

Sunlight: 8hr, 11min per day  

Humidity: 76%

Highest Elevation: 5,217 ft.

Hanover, Germany


Composed in Even
the Harshest Climates

The German city of Hanover experiences a somewhat mild climate based on its geographic location, highlighted by frequent precipitation and fairly significant temperature changes from season to season. With nearly two inches of rain every month, this is an environment where moisture-resistant composite deck surfaces by Fortress Deck are necessary.

Hanover, Germany

Temperature: -12° - 101°  

Rain: 26" annually

Humidity: 80%

Highest Elevation: 195 ft.

Hartbeespoort, South Africa


Composed in Even
the Harshest Climates

Hartbeespoort is a small resort town in South Africa tucked away between the Magaliesberg mountains and the Hartbeespoort Dam. The quaint city sits 5,751 feet above sea level and experiences nearly year-round sunshine. Luckily, Fortress Infinity Decking’s revolutionary capping technology includes UV resistance that is resilient to even the sunniest of climates.

Hartbeespoort Dam, South Africa

Temperature: 17° - 107°  

Rain: 28" annually

Humidity: 59%

Highest Elevation: 5,751 ft.

Madrid, Spain


Composed in Even
the Harshest Climates

Due to its altitude and close proximity to the sea, Madrid, Spain experiences a fairly moderate climate throughout the year. Although the city does experience the majority of its precipitation in the spring and fall months, the Spanish capitol is the driest in Europe. Fortress Infinity Decking is famous for handling harsh climates, so the temperate coastal weather of Madrid is quite literally, a breeze.

Madrid, Spain

Temperature: 37° - 90°  

Rain: 59 days per year

Sunlight: Max - 15, Avg. - 7.58

Highest Elevation: 2,188 ft.

Mombasa, Kenya


Composed in Even
the Harshest Climates

Located on the coast of Kenya, Mombasa is the country’s second largest city. It’s coastal location has made Mombasa a hub for tourists and traders alike. The city’s tropical savanna climate creates polarizing periods of heavy rainfall as well as months of extreme dryness, but even these dynamic weather patterns are no match for the reliability of Fortress Infinity Decking.

Mombasa, Kenya

Temperature: 68° - 95°

Wet days per year: 100

Max UV: 11

Humidity (avg): 78%

Sunlight: 2990 hrs/year

Rain: 42" annually

Skeleton Coast, Namibia


Composed in Even
the Harshest Climates

Characterized by the significant differences in its night and daytime temperatures, the subtropical desert climate of Namibia’s national parks is notorious for its typically dry weather. However, this harsh, arid weather is another example of how Fortress Infinity Decking exceeds expectations in any climate, worldwide.

Namib National Reserve, Namibia

Temperature: 43° - 99°

Wet days per year: 16

Max UV: 11

Humidity (avg): 75%

Sunlight: 2646 hrs/year

Rain: 15" annually

Nantes, France


Composed in Even
the Harshest Climates

Also known as the Green Capital of Europe, Nantes is a bustling city in Western France. The city’s lush parks and abundant greenery are the result of a fairly warm but often rainy climate. It rains, on average, over 100 days out of the year in Nantes, but the Fortress Infinity Decking composite materials don’t expand or contract , so your deck will maintain its original integrity for the life of the product.

Nates, France

Temperature: 4° - 104°  

Rainfall: 32" annually

Humidity: 81%

Highest Elevation: 195 ft.

Tainan City, Taiwan


Composed in Even
the Harshest Climates

To say the humidity is anything less than humbling in the southern Taiwanese city of Tainan would be selling it short. This south eastern, oriental municipality, more commonly known as ‘Capitol City’, is characterized by its relatively high average humidity. However, no amount of airborne moisture has the ability to penetrate the 360° cap unique to Fortress Infinity Decking.

Tainan City, Taiwan

Temperature: 43° - 99°

Wet days per year: 16

Max UV: N/A

Humidity (avg): 77%

Sunlight: 10 hrs/day

Rain: 67" annually

Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX

Composed in Even
the Harshest Climates

Texas is famous for it's humid searing summer heat, and Dallas is no exception. With temperatures often over 100F in the summer, strong yet barefoot friendly decking is necessary. Dallas also has chilly winters with wide temperature variations. Snowfall is normally seen 3 days per year. "The Big D" averages 41 inches of rain a year. Fortress Infinity Decking is perfect for stargazing when the stars at night are big and bright.


Temperature: 15° - 102°

Wet days per year: 81

Max UV: 7

Humidity (avg): 65%

Sunlight: 2850 hrs/year

Rain: 41" annually

Atlanta, GA


Composed in Even
the Harshest Climates

Atlanta has a fairly mild climate, officially classified as humid subtropical, with no expected snowfall, and 54 inches of rain per year. August is the wettest month of the year. Atlanta experiences all 4 seasons, with long hot summers. Fortress Infinity Decking stands up to the best "hotlanta" can throw at it.

Atlanta, GA

Temperature: 34° - 90°

Wet days per year: 117

Max UV: 11

Humidity (avg): 65%

Sunlight: 2986 hrs/year

Rain: 50" annually

Seattle, WA


Composed in Even
the Harshest Climates

Seattle is the biggest city in the Pacific northwest and is well known for it's damp and rainy climate. The city recieves much of it's precipitation in the Winter and Spring, with November being the wettest month. Due to the surrounding terrain, areas can have very different weather in short distances. Fortress Infinity Decking is known for handling what may come, rain or shine.

Seattle, WA

Temperature: 36° - 73°

Wet days per year: 152

Max UV: 6

Humidity (avg): 73%

Sunlight: 2019 hrs/year

Rain: 37" annually


Boards that Stand the
Test of Time

Protected by the Fortress Infinity Decking revolutionary capping technology, every board is UV, mold and moisture resistant. All of our state-of-the-art products offer a higher resistance to weathering when compared to traditional decking.

Resilience in outdoor composite decking
Care for Fortress Decking is easy


Less Maintenance,
More Peace of Mind

Never sand, stain or strain again. Fortress Infinity Decking co-extruded boards require little upkeep. Simply hose down the deck and occasionally sweep to maintain a pristine surface for the life of the product.


A Surface That is
Barefoot Friendly

Start exploring the second you step outside. Our co-extruded composite decking is slip and splinter resistant, making it safe for the entire family. Every board is also manufactured with anti-microbial properties which ensures a hygienic surface.

Safety is important with outdoor decking
Green practices are importatnt to build out decking


Sustainable to the

Using a unique combination of bamboo and recycled plastics, all Fortress Infinity Decking co-extruded composite materials are environmentally friendly and free of the toxic chemicals and preservatives typically used to treat natural wood.


We start with our unique combination of bamboo flour and polyethylene pellets to create the ideal mixture.


Significant amounts of heat and pressure are applied to form a large, continuous block of composite material.


Each exotic color is artistically blended while the composite is molded into its final shape.


The dual-surfaced board is then embossed with two distinct grain patterns, distressed and natural.


In the final stage, the co-extruded composite is cooled and then cut to length.



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