Designing and Building a Mid-Century Modern Deck

A mid-century modern deck uses clean lines and bold colors.

I blame Mad Men. Others blame baby boomers nostalgic for their childhood days, or perhaps their first homes furnished with hand-me-down furnishings recovered from parents’ garages or flea markets. Whatever the reason, be it Don Draper, Austin Powers, or a genuine admiration for mid-century modern styles, the designs created by futurists in the early 1940s…

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Deck Ideas for a Split Level House

Deck Ideas for a Split Level House will help you with your deck project.

A few years ago, one of my old friends met and fell in love with a single mother. He already had his own home, and at first, that was plenty of room. Then they had two daughters, and he and his wife gave up their offices. But they soon realized the open floor plan wasn’t…

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How to Build a Steel Frame Deck

how to build a steel frame deck

After living a few years with a pressure-treated lumber deck, the boards have likely splintered or faded to a silvery gray that has a shabbier look than you’d like. If you’ve decided to replace the worn-out lumber with composite decking you have a decision to make. If there’s nothing wrong with your deck’s substructure you…

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Choosing the Best Composite Decking for Cold Climates

The best composite decking for cold climates resists moisture.

One of my good friends recently got to buy some property out west, and he built his family dream home in the hills of the Rockies. When it came time to build a deck to take full advantage of those lovely views he’d purchased, he bought into the promise of a virtually maintenance free deck…

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Why Using Reclaimed Wood for Decking Might Not Be a Good Idea

Instead of using reclaimed wood for decking, try a look-alike composite like this one.

I love the concept of upcycling. I’m typing this post from a much-loved reclaimed wood desk that was born because I spent all my money on high-speed computer equipment, and wood pallets are free and freely available. For a weekend’s worth of work, I got a free desk that supports all the monitors I need…

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Ipe Wood Vs Composite Decking: Comparing Cost and Performance

ipe wood vs. composite decking

  Let’s say you’ve just purchased a home. Newly renovated kitchen? Check. Updated windows, frames, and trim? Check.  Tidy, attractive landscaping? Check. Splintered, rotted-out deck in the back… Sometimes it seems like there is no more work that can possibly be done on a home. This is usually when it becomes apparent that the deck…

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Should I Repair or Replace my Deck?

should i repair or replace my deck

In maintenance shops around the world–whether they’re responsible for maintaining lawn mowers or supersonic fighter jets–the preventative maintenance schedule is an unforgiving taskmaster. Preventative maintenance is responsible for keeping problems at a minimum–for keeping aircraft flying and mowers mowing in the face of Murphy’s Law. It’s such a mighty force for good that it’s a…

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For the Best Decking for a High Altitude, Look for UV-Resistant Materials

Best Decking for a High Altitude

Designing structures for high altitude settings requires using materials able to adapt to the more strenuous climatic conditions. While wooden decking is more quickly broken down by the higher intensity UV rays at altitudes, with the right maintenance regime, it is possible to keep it in good condition for some time. I still have a…

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