How Eco-Friendly Composite Decking Recycles Plastic into Beautifully Sustainable Decks

As a contractor, I’ve seen more and more of my regular clients become increasingly interested in environmentally sustainable options for building projects over the years, for everything from new hom

Choosing a Water-Resistant Composite Decking for Your Pool Deck

In the past few years, one of my not-so-infrequent jobs has been to perform renovations on poolside patio areas. Very often, this has simply involved patching concrete, restoring tiles, and splashing

Barefoot-Friendly Decking: Make Your Deck a Splinter-Free Haven for Shoeless Summer Living

A little while ago a friend of mine, who frequently hosts parties and loves going barefoot, built a massive deck that connected his house to his pool and terraced garden. Then last month, he asked if

Water-Resistant Winter Decking: Choosing Decking Material for the Wisconsin Winters

I was born next to a little lake in southeastern Wisconsin, not so far from the much bigger lake–Lake Michigan–that forms Wisconsin’s long eastern border. It’s where I grew up and where I firs

Decking Materials for Temperature Swings: Choosing Decking for Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Area

Over my career, I’ve built structures on three continents and in a wide variety of climate types. I’ve worked under the hot sun of Hong Kong, the dry desert of Arizona, in the long winters of Finl