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Composite Rustic-Look Decking Boards Bring Home Comfort Outside

Rustic-look decking can be composite or wood.

My friend has spent almost all of her life living in the heart of the city, and on the fast track in school and in her career. Now that she’s bought her first home, the sensibilities that kept a one bedroom apartment downtown tightly organized, clean, and livable have turned a three bedroom two bath…

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Curving Composite Decking to Create Fanciful Deck Designs

Curving composite decking is tricky but rewarding.

When most people build a deck, they’re looking for a place outdoors to gather with their friends and family or enjoy their coffee on a weekend morning. While they’ll pay attention to the appearance of the deck, it’s usually just to keep it level and all the boards straight. Less attention is paid to the…

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No Rot Decking Makes a Safe and Long-Lasting Deck

No rot decking allows homeowners to forgo regular maintenance.

When I was a kid visiting my grandparents’ house, I looked forward to the summer rain. It would wet the wooden walkways and decks that wound through my grandmother’s backyard garden, and they’d become slippery enough that I could slide around on a pair of flip-flops. One day my grandmother caught me at this, and…

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Front Yard Deck Design Ideas Create Welcoming Homes and Entryways

Front yard deck design ideas should take into consideration the location and height of the deck

Near downtown Orlando, in a neighborhood called Thornton Park, there’s a home built in the 1920s that has been renovated so many times that it is listed simply as a ‘bungalow-style bungalow.’ This is the demesne of my friend Ray, his girlfriend, his brother, and his mother. It came with a strange, detached patio that…

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